Email and comments captured in tFLOW Job History

How does tFLOW’s job messaging and collaboration area handle outgoing and incoming email between prepress staff and the customer?
How is correspondence and comments auto-captured in the job ticket history so other print staff can see what has been sent and said?
As with many things, the answers depend on where the comments are made and how both the clients user account and your company email settings are configured.
1.) The customer’s User Account needs to have the Comment Alerts selected to receive email notifications from tFLOW’s job collaboration Messaging area. Gears icon > System Settings > Users > Select the User > Email Alerts
2.)  The two “Send Email” notification options for your company must be set to “On” Select the Gears icon > System Settings > Email Settings
3.)  In the collaboration area for the job, you can override settings by clicking the email icon:

A window will display enabling you to send an email with the message to one or more Users
Where is the job's history?
All email correspondence and comments can be seen in the Job (or Order's) Activity area. Select the reversed time clock icon to see the job’s history.
When a customer replies to an email sent by tFLOW, is it captured in the job history?
Only Approval emails and only the choice of Approve or Reject are captured.
A customer’s choice of Approve or  Reject from an Approval email can be captured in history, but any comments in their email would be lost. Only comments entered by the customer in the job’s Approval or Messaging areas will be noted in the history.

Other than the Approve/Reject emails (if that option is enabled in your System Settings), incoming customer emails aren't being monitored by tFLOW. When the client gets an Approve/Reject email from tFLOW, clicking one of those options pops up an email reply screen. If you have your tFLOW System Settings with Incoming Server Settings configured to a specific email address, then the client replies to the Approval email will be sent to that tFLOW email address. It’s a good idea to use an email address that is specifically for tFLOW, not one of your personal or normal company email addresses. tFLOW is checking for email to that special address.
Which emails are being captured in a Job’s history?
  • Emails sent by your staff or customer from the job Messaging area.
  • Approval email replies from the customer (their choice of Approve or Reject)
  •  Emails for any type of Event checked in the User’s Email Alerts. Gears icon > System Settings > Users > Select the User > Email Alerts
Besides the incoming job Approve or Deny, are any other incoming emails tracked?
Yes, it's possible for a customer to reply to a comment email coming from tFLOW by clicking on the "Go To Comment" button in the email.
This will take the user to the job’s Messaging area and post the reply there as a response to the original comment email.

Your shop’s tFLOW incoming email server fields for Email for Replies, User Name, User Password, Server Name, Port, Connection Security, and Protocol need to be properly set. See Gears icon > System Settings > Email Settings > Incoming Server Settings