Does Pressero integrate with Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS)?

Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS) has a one-way integration with Pressero. With the integration, orders from Pressero can be automatically brought into EPMS. Contact EPMS for details on the data they bring in from Pressero and how it is reused in their system.

The procedure for adding the integration is below. 

  1. Nothing has to be done in the Pressero admin; the integration is from EPMS to Pressero.
  2. You do need to tell Support and your sales rep you want the EPMS integration enabled.
  3. After it is enabled, Support will reply with a short message to you that the integration is ready and we include your SubscriberID. 
  4. Tell EPMS that you wish to connect your EPMS account to your Pressero account, give them the SubscriberID.
  5. EPMS will complete the setup.