tFLOW Self Hosting support & update questions

Will Aleyant provide setup support in AWS for tFLOW SH (Self Hosted)? 
No, Amazon supports AWS. 
What support will Aleyant provide for a new tFLOW SH setup?
We support the tFlow application including its components and all the issues related to the coding. 
The items below (if needed) are outside the scope of the above support and would be charged a professional service fee:
-hardware issues/failure/maintenance
-operating system specific issues 
-networking problems
-disk space
How are new updates managed for tFLOW SH?
The updates take place during our regular working hours, the actual timing can be agreed on between you and our Infrastructure team. When there are updates, the date is scheduled for a particular day and time, but for self hosted instances there is some flexibility. We can agree on a specific time for an update within the same week. 
The updates will include the code and the components (Web server, database, PHP). 
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