Pressero Account Transfer Process and Limitations

On rare occasions, one of our existing Pressero customers will buy another Pressero customer and want to combine the two accounts into one by transferring or duplicating stores from one account to the other. This can be done. 
  • There will be a professional service fee involved. Contact your sales rep.
  • There is an account ownership transfer document that needs to the completed and signed by the original owner of the purchased business as well as the business that is acquiring it. Contact your sales rep.
  • There are limitations on what can be transferred.
  • Monthly billing for both Pressero accounts will be in effect until you verify the transfer was successful and tell us to delete the account that is no longer needed.
  • After you have verified the transfer, you'll want to test the store operation before shutting down the original.
  • When shutting down the original, you'll want to remove the URL (replace with a new subdomain that has "deleted-" at the beginning, like where was what the store was originally using). Set it up on the new store. Delete the original store. Test that the URL now comes to the new store. You'll want to do these changes within a few minutes of each other and when your store traffic is low or non-existent (probably late at night or very early in the morning on a weekend). We are assuming you also own the old domain name and still control the DNS for the domain name URL.  Customer traffic should now start coming into the new store.
  • When you are satisfied the transfer is complete and working, let your sales rep know 5 days before the end of the month so we can schedule the old account to be deleted and billing adjusted before the next billing period.
Items that can be transferred:
  • Stores (your Pressero plan must support the number of stores that are being added)
  • Saved for Later
  • Info Sites
  • Site Groups
  • Budgets
  • Promotions
  • Products (names, images, descriptions, pricing)
  • eDocBuilder templates including template categories, response sets, fonts, images, color palettes.
The items below are not a part of duplication process. These will need to be manually reset by you, or could be manually reset by our professional services team under an Expert Services plan, or as an ad-hoc project. Items/Settings that will not be transferred:
  • Previous orders and history
  • Pressero Admin users
  • Store URL
  • Payment Gateways (credit card processors)
  • Shipping accounts (FedX, etc.)
  • Email Notifications
  • Approval Plans
  • Purchase Order Codes
  • eDocBuilder Admin users