SAML FAQs (Azure AD, OKTA, OneLogin, PingOne, Salesforce)

1. Does Pressero B2B site support Single Sign-on and credit card processing?
    Yes, it does.

2. Will individual user's credential create and/or store in Pressero (site users account) when logging in with SSO?
    If the user does not exist on the store it will be created, if the user exists (email) Pressero will associate the current account with the SSO account.

3. Can the users select site Groups which were created in Pressero?
    You can set the group on the SSO profile and if the group exists in Pressero we're going to associate the user to that group.  NOTE - the new user default site group setting in Pressero admin will override this setting in your SSO configuration.  You will want to leave the site group default blank in Pressero admin if you want the SSO profile to set the site group.

4. Can the SSO user receive an email notification from Pressero email Notifications setting?
    Yes, as long as you have enabled email notifications for the user in Pressero.

5. Can the SSO users re-order and view their own profile, view order history?
    Yes, SSO users can re-order and view their own profile, view order history.

6. Can we set up more than one checkout process? Credit Card and non-credit card processes in a single B2B site using SSO?
    Yes. The Pressero storefronts support more than one payment method and you can create two payment methods, one for credit card and another for Open Terms (Non-Credit Card Method).
7. Does the Pressero Approval Workflow Feature work with SSO users?
    Single Sign-On is not responsible for the Approval process on the storefront. However, Pressero approval process will work as usual for SSO users. 

8. What is the estimated time for Pressero to implement SSO on an account? 
    Contact support and let us know which you would like to enable. Normal time to activate it for you is 24-48 hours (Monday through Friday). Once complete you will be contacted and then you will need to complete the connection following the steps mentioned in this article:

9. Should we set up the site with exactly the same "Site Groups" names in Pressero to map UserGroups from the SSO provider?
    Yes, you need to set up the site group name the same as the User Groups in the SSO account so that the users can be mapped to their respective site groups.

10. Most SSO solutions provide a "Location" field, can it map to Pressero "Locations"?
    Yes, Locations fields in the SSO account can be mapped to Pressero Locations.

11. What fields are required for authentication?
    User Name, Email, Password, First and Last Name.
12. What is the key identifier for SSO?
    Email Address is the key identifier for SSO. SSO does not consider the username as the key, but the user email, and will not update the user email with SSO if you send the user to the store via SSO with matching username, because for Facebook, Twitter, Google the email is always the key, the same thing with most SSO providers.
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