• Integration - Tharstern (cXML Punchout)


  • Order Synchronization  

The Tharstern integration allows Pressero to Push Orders to the Tharstern MIS. To enable this integration you need obtain: 

  • API Login  

  • API Password  

  • Server URL: This is the address to access the API, if the server where your instance of Tharstern is running needs to know the Aleyant IP address, please open a support ticket so we can provide the correct information. 

 To obtain information/help on how to get this information please contact the Tharstern support team. After that you will need the following information to configure on Pressero: 


Once configured, you need to enable the Integration at the site level. For that, access the site you want to enable to integration and then select the Embedded Service option. 


There click enable to activate all the embedded service configuration tab for user. 

Product, in order to allow a full integration is necessary to type the Tharstern product code inside the Pressero product page, Integration ID field, without this information the integration will not work properly. 

User, on the user is necessary to add the Customer ID from the Tharstern, in the current version of Tharstern API is not possible for Pressero to create users due to a limitation in the way they handle the country code and name, so here is necessary that you create the customer first on Tharstern and then put the code in the embedded service tab inside the user account, in the field external id and set the flag Active as true (checked). 



Once all the users and products are configured you can set the integration at site level as IsLive.