tFLOW API changelog 2019

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FLOW v10.6.4

rev 2c43ec92
Release date: 07/24/2019

No changes

FLOW v10.6.3
rev 27dd73f3
Release date: 06/12/2019
API change: now methods allowing to upload artworks (such as CreateJob, UploadAndCreateJob, or ExecuteTransition may return validation error if the uploading artwork has file extension not allowed to upload.
By default, not allowed extensions are: "exe", "dll", "so", "bin", "sys", "bat", "cmd"


FLOW v10.6.2

rev 017c51e9
Release date: 05/15/2019

No changes


FLOW v10.6.1

rev 70ff2d7b
Release date: 04/24/2019

No changes


FLOW v10.6

rev ff65793f
Release date: 02/27/2019
User::GetInitialInfo API method returns duplicates in defaults['visibleClientIds']

tFLOW v10.5
rev e9e9c083
Release date: 01/29/2019

No changes

FLOW v10.4
rev 488b79b9
Release date: 01/16/2019
  The inherit_finishing_profile parameter has been removed from the OrderCreate, OrderUpdate, JobCreate, and JobUpdate methods. Now the system always behaves as if it would be false.