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tFLOW v10.6.3
rev 27dd73f3
Release date: 06/12/2019
58759 User Story Limit accepted file types with internal option to exclude some specific file extensions. Default disabled extensions: ["exe", "dll", "so", "bin", "sys", "bat", "cmd"]' 
59804 User Story Corebridge add the update button
60053 User Story Setting to disable the personal upload link for new users
57128 Bug While waiting for artwork screen should have different message
57434 Bug Order review message shows unformatted in email
59548 Bug Bug: settings data are empty at first access
59564 Bug Bug: when editing an existing user the psw for confirmation is empty
59994 Bug Fix migration of unarchived revisions
60210 Bug Email alerts are not sent
60223 Bug BadMethodCallException after approving job
60388 Bug Bug: assets not correctly re-linked
60398 Bug Print previews are never displayed
60399 Bug Revision comparison results are not shown
60462 Bug No way to edit Order Status Report parameters
FLOW v10.6.2
rev 017c51e9
Release date: 05/15/2019
57825 Bug Customer User Unable to Edit Own Profile
58275 Bug Bug: incorrect view for “awaiting” state for artwork jobs for clients
58334 Bug Cannot download Report PDF of Preflight Errors - Isolated to one Account
58873 Bug Users cannot change their passwords
59158 Bug Unable to download proof PDF
59208 Bug tBot bug: cannot assign queues
59598 Bug Remove "Save" Button from User Profile when user is unable to edit profile
59656 Bug Error 500 when calling /application/comment/setRead
59867 Bug tBot: Onyx integration (quicksets error)
59872 Bug tBot: Network error on file download

FLOW v10.6.1
rev 70ff2d7b
Release date: 04/24/2019
57277 Bug Company’s Login Logo settings not functioning correctly
57681 Bug Error 500 when showing email log for a user
57892 Bug There are some unsaved statistics warning when applying initial migrations
57975 Bug Error 500 when creating user via API
58416 Bug Sometimes tFLOW does not sent bounce email informing the user about errors
58754 Bug Make tFLOW always use HTTP/HTTPS protocol from config file
58809 Bug Incorrect error when file not found in archive
tFLOW v10.6
rev ff65793f
Release date: 02/27/2019
56438 Bug Bug - Space char isn't allowed in order name
56537 Bug Order status report settings are not taken into account when creating users with default settings
56705 Bug Wrong text in "send proof" email
56708 Bug Error when creating inventory sheets
56737 Bug Errors when updating KFPX scripts are not logged properly
56747 Bug Linux bug - cannot login using HTTPS
56850 Bug Linux bug Error 500 when repreflighting job
56989 Bug Customer should not be able to preview job before 1st approval in 2 step approval workflow
57177 Bug User::GetInitialInfo API method returns duplicates in defaults['visibleClientIds']
54515 Task Change the code to save the statistics at proper points of time
54517 Task Create a report - backend part
57280 Bug Product scripts not assigned with anonymous upload
57289 Bug Error when retrieving preflighted PDF info and XML report is missing
tFLOW v10.5
rev e9e9c083
Release date: 01/29/2019
55829 Bug Bug: cannot drop a file over a specific job
56065 Bug When creating orders, the frontend does not handle validation errors returned by the server
56091 Bug Bug - UI has wrong style
56139 Bug Docuprint, issue with central space in the impo scripts
56187 Bug Error 500 when sending approval reminder
56066 Bug Some illegal characters are allowed in job names
51806 Bug On Mobile view - Artwork Info has size mentioned but proof file is showing size not specified
20476 Bug QA - Testing - Filemanager contextual menu cut
56005 Bug 1st approval email link not allowing instance user to view 1st proof 
tFLOW v10.4
rev 488b79b9
Release date: 01/16/2019
54276 User Story Improvements for "Messages" page
54422 User Story Callas pdfToolbox 10.1.484
54277 Task Read/unread toggle for messages
54278 Task Sync feature of the orange icon for unread messages
54279 Task Added "Rush filter" in message filetring
54280 Task Multiple selection of messages using CTRL + mouse click
54281 Task Added possibility to filter messages by Order and Job seperately
54282 Task Sorting of messages
54283 Task Link to Order from messaging area, double click to open
54284 Task Takes time to refresh filter. No visual for the refresh process
54417 Task Add support for marking comments as read in bulk
54476 Task Refactor RequestParserImpl class
54811 Task Change the wording in the reject proof message
54879 Task Order/Job We want order and job and user seperately (client-side)
8928 Bug Uploaded logos are not working correctly
54397 Bug Error 404 on the Messages page
54468 Bug Waiting for long periods while files are processing
54546 Bug Annotations works incorrectly
54595 Bug found an error related to the ORDERS widget when trying to sort the orders by COMPANY.
54661 Bug Bug assigning finishing script
54680 Bug Database corruption when unarchiving files
54703 Bug Bug uploading multiple files with drag&drop
54841 Bug Bug: inconsistent sent to production times
54880 Bug Incoming emails are processed wrongly
54891 Bug Error when archiving preview files
55014 Bug When creating new role, the dialog is not filled with default permissions
55023 Bug Fixed an error with approval via email not working
55024 Bug Finishing script not working
55053 Bug The label of the top of the page is not consistent with the state of selected jobs
55013 Bug Job: Annotations: When click to annotation should be selected needed preview mode
55014 Bug When creating new role, the dialog is not filled with default permissions
55023 Bug Approval via email does not work
55046 Bug New Company Dialog: Validation: tabs should be switched automatically when 400 Bad Request
55047 Bug New Company: Improvements of Assigned Users Tab
55052 Bug The label at the top of the page is temporary duplicated
55053 Bug The label of the top of the page is not consistent with the state of selected jobs
55059 Bug Finishing profile is not shown
55066 Bug Global Search: wrong switcher style
55067 Bug Global Search links are broken
55106 Bug Default for Products Limited by Company doesn't work properly
55218 Bug Emails list should have a loading indicator
55219 Bug Reset button on My Profile doesn't work properly
55221 Bug Emails Log dialog in Activity have wrong placement
55536 Bug Messages page bugs
55773 Bug Fixed an error with possibility to save a company with empty name