Work and Turn, Work and Tumble, Sheetwise

How does PJM handle the choice between Work & Turn, Work & Tumble, or Sheetwise?
This is an offset question and while their may be some workarounds, PrintJobManager (PJM) is primarily focused on digital.
The benefit to running Work and Turn versus sheetwise is you save a set of plates and have less make ready time. At the same time, half tones, 4 color photos are a couple of examples that may not be good for Work and Turn. So depending on the job you could run a 4/4 piece Work and Turn or sheetwise. Again, PJM is more focused on digital.
That said, in the option component of a product engine for the printing (Colors and sides) there is an instruction box when you add a piece of equipment, see screen cast - So if 4/4 printing is chosen, you get a certain piece of equipment with those instructions which appears on the job ticket, see screen cast -
Now where this gets tricky is who and when is it decided which way the job will print?
Of course, in any PJM product engine you can introduce the question "How does this run?" with options being Work & Turn, Work & Tumble, and Sheetwise. Based on the type of running style selected, you will then be given an option for say, "Colors and Sides" based (based on the answer to "how does this run", options for the other running styles would not displayed). If Work & Turn is chosen, then all of the printing options will have instructions Work & Turn and the other printing options go away.
So you would likely need to have someone internal who would know how the job is to run. This person would create the estimate or job, and would select the correct path during the pricing Q&A. This would be suitable internally, but would likely not be something you'd add to a Pressero store product as the customer doesn't need to decide or even know what that is.