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UPS & UPS Freight

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UPS (V2)


Note that there's an older integration called UPS. This previous integration does not provide as many UPS services and features as UPS V2, and will be phased out in the future. Therefore, make sure to use the UPS (V2) version instead. To set up integration with UPS, follow the directions below for the UPS V2 setup box:

  • First, register for a UPS Online Tools account here
  • Follow the four steps in “How To Get Started” to obtain an Access Key. For Step 2, select the Rating API.
  • Your User Login and Password should be contained in the email that UPS sends you.
  • Also, note the User Account Number you have with UPS.
  • Once you have your Access Key, User Login and Password, and your User Account Number, go to AdminPreferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts, scroll to UPS V2 and enter the values in the box.
  • Click "Save."

UPS Freight

To set up the UPS Freight integration, you will need to work with our support team to take your freight account from test to development mode.
Follow these steps:
  • Set up a UPS Freight account in test mode.
  • Next, open a support ticket with us (the Pressero support desk), and provide us with your UPS Freight credentials including your Access Key, Username, Account Number and Password.
  • We will provide a price. You will need this price to validate your account with UPS.
  • Put the price we give you in the UPS Freight settings in the UPS Freight website to take your UPS Freight account into live mode.
  • Enter your live UPS Freight credentials (Access Key, UsernameAccount Number and Password) on the Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts > UPS Freight V2 page in Pressero Admin.
  • Click "Save."

UPS (V1, old version)

Going forward, you should not be using the old UPS integration shown below. (As you can see it's just called "UPS" without the V2 beside it.)  New UPS integrations should be made using the UPS V2 integration instead, and existing UPS integrations should also be upgraded to use UPS (V2).
If you do not upgrade to UPS (V2), eventually your UPS shipping rate lookup will stop working for your customers once the old method is phased out.
Below is shown for historic purposes only and this functionality will be removed in the near future from Pressero.

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