Ch. 016a - Purolator Courier (Carrier Account Setup)

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Purolator Courier

All of the information required for the Purolator Courier integration is provided by Purolator Courier.
You will need the following information:
  • Key - Production Key (make sure that this key is activated)
  • Password - Production Key password
  • Account Number - Your Purolater Account number
  • Access Key/User Token - Your Purolator Access Key/User Token - This is NOT required for a Corporate Account and is only used for Commercial account purposes.  
To obtain the items above, you will first need to register on the Web Services website. Registration with the Purolator Resource Center only takes a few moments.
Be sure to select the Corporate Account Holder option.
After you have registered, log into their website, click on the Ready for Production button, and follow the instructions on how to request the production key (select the Corporate option).
You will automatically receive an email with the information required to complete the integration.