Ch. 016a - Direct Freight Express (Carrier Account Setup)

Direct Freight Express

To integrate Direct Freight Express with Pressero, you will first need to have an account with them. From there, you will need to obtain your API Key and Account Number so you can use it to configure Pressero.

In Pressero, go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts, scroll to Freight Express, enter the API Key and Account Number then click "Save." 


Create a New Shipping Method


To set up Direct Freight Express as a Shipping Method, go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping > Methods

Click the + Add New button, enter a name for the method in the Method Name field, then select Direct Freight Express in the Carrier drop-down. Select Direct Freight Express as the Service (Service drop-down). 

Next, select a Rate Type under Provider Options. The Rate Type refers to what rate charge should be applied to the consignment. Direct Freight Express has the following standard rate types:

  • Item – to be specified when either item or kilo rate charge is to be applied, usually shipped as cartons
  • Pallet – to be specified when pallet rate charge is to be applied

If "Include fuel levy" is checked, then shipping costs will include fuel surcharge. 

If "Calculate cubic kilos of an item?" is checked, then price will be calculated using cubic logic; otherwise Pressero will pass package dimensions (length/width/height). Here is an example from the Carrier's site:

Click "Save."

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