Ch. 016a - FedEx (Carrier Account Setup)

FedEx (V2)

The FedEx (V2) option is a newer integration that will allow you to select from a greater number of shipping configurations than the previous (V1) version. As the older version will be phased out, all customers should use FedEx (V2). This applies both to newly created Shipping Methods, and existing Shipping Methods which you will need to reconfigure.

FedEx requires that each print service provider (in this case, you) get their own “Dev Key” and password.

  • Go to
  • Login, and make sure the "I want to go to" drop-down has "Web Services" selected. (If you don't have an account, go to the Sign Up link and click Create Account at the bottom.)
  • Click on Move to Production
  • Click Obtain Production Key at the bottom of the page
  • Select "No" for resell intent
  • Click the FedEx Web Services for Shipping option in the second area
  • In the third area, click Corporate Developer
  • On the next screen, Accept the license agreement
  • Enter your information in the Contact Info area
  • Enter your information in the Developer Info area
  • Proceed through confirmation
  • On the confirmation screen, you will see your Authentication Key and your Meter Number. Write them down so that you can enter them in Pressero.
  • You will then receive an email from FedEx with the subject of "Your developer Production Key Registration is complete." You will need the password from this email notification.
  • Log into Pressero, and go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts > FedEx V2 and enter the information you received in the appropriate fields. Note: The field for Freight Account Number is only needed if you also utilize FedEx's Freight services. It can be left blank otherwise.
  • Save.

FedEx (V1)

It is not recommended to set up FedEx Carrier Accounts using this method.
In the future, this integration will be phased out and any remaining Shipping Methods utilizing it will need to change to FedEx (V2), otherwise they will cease to work.

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