Ch. 016a - DHL (Carrier Account Setup)




To integrate DHL with Pressero, you will first need to have an account with DHL.

The credentials you would use in this area are different than your normal DHL website login details. You would need to obtain DHL Site ID and API password from your DHL account manager.

Typically it takes one business day for the request to be processed by DHL. You will first receive a set of test credentials via email. After, in a separate email, you'll receive the Live Credentials. These will be the credentials you will need to enter into the SITE ID and PASSWORD area.

To get the process started visit this link:

We highly recommend following up with your DHL account manager to fast track the process.

For additional information on this service, see this link:

Once you have created an account with them, enter your Site ID and Password for that account into the Carrier Account setup page, and click "Save."

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