Ch. 016a - Couriers Please (Carrier Account Setup)

Couriers Please


To set up your account for integration with Pressero, you will need to obtain an Access Key, Account Number and your Service Code from Couriers Please.

Step 1: Add the Carrier Account Information

  • Go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts
  • Locate the area for Couriers Please
  • Enter both the Access Key and Account Number provided to you
  • Click the Save button

Step 2: Create a new Shipping Method

  • Go to AdminPreferences > Shipping > Methods
  • Click + Add New
  • Select Couriers Please in the Carrier drop-down
  • Enter a Method Name that your customers will see in the store
  • Select Based on Provider Options - Service Code from the Service drop-down (currently only option available)
  • Enter the Service Code provided to you by Couriers Please in the "Service Code" field in the Provider Options section of the page. This will be a three-digit code. The Provider Options section looks similar to the image below
  • If using test credentials, check the Test Mode checkbox
  • Click the "Save" button

Note: Package Dimensions will default to the minimum of 3 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm. Do not change to dimensions smaller than the minimum set here.

Also, the service is a bit different than other shipping carriers. When the user requests the shipping cost for an item, it will list all the services available from the sender’s postcode to the customer’s postcode. It is possible that not all services are available from one postcode to another. 

The Service Code given to you will determine what is available. Your ship from location must include a city that matches the postal code district.

The ship from location can be set on the Preferences > Locations page in Pressero. In both B2B and retail sites, the ship from location will be the primary location as set in Preferences > Locations unless you set a different ship from location in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General Info tab in the Shopping Cart section.

On retail sites, the field is labeled "Ship From Location." For B2B sites, the field is labeled "Location." It is recommended that you add directions to this page to avoid any confusion on your customers part in selecting the shipping services available to them.

You can do this by going to Admin > [Select Site] > Settings > Instructions tab. Enter your instructions in the "Shopping Cart Page Instructions" section.

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