• Integration - Midnight (Virtual Systems) via Embedded Services

Before reading this document, familiarize yourself with Pressero's Embedded Services area. Then use this document to understand how this specific integration works. Select here for the Overview of Embedded Services.



  • Order Synchronization - The Midnight integration allows Pressero to Push Orders to Virtual Systems Midnight.
Setting up the integration:
1) To enable this integration you need to obtain the Access Token to access Midnight API. For information on how to get this information please contact Virtual Systems Midnight support team.
2) You will also need to create an admin user in Pressero admin for the dedicated use of this integration. The user should have full permissions, so make this user a member of an admin group that has all permissions set to allowed.
3) Open a ticket on the Aleyant support portal (http://support.aleyant.com) asking that we set up the integration. Provide the access token and admin user from steps 1 and 2. Note that there is a fee associated with this integration.  
4) Once we have enabled the integration, you will need to set up the integration in Pressero admin.
5) Account configuration
a. After we have set up the integration, you will see a new menu item named "Embedded Services" under Preferences. Go to Preferences > Embedded Services and click "Add New."
b. Under the "Provider" dropdown field select "Virtual Systems Midnight."
c. For the "Name" field, you can enter any value. Normally we recommend using "Midnight" as the name.
d. For the "Admin User" field, select the admin user you created in step 2 above.
e. In the Credentials section, enter the Access Token provided by Virtual Systems allowing you to post data using their API

6) Site configuration


You will need to enable the integration for any sites that you would like to integrate with Midnight. Go to Sites > [site name] > Embedded Services. You will need to click the "Enable Service Integration" setting under Midnight and save. After saving, you will see the following UI. Here you have the option to set the Customer ID. You will need to contact the Midnight support team, so they can provide the customer ID associated for the selected site. You will want to check all four boxes - "Is live," "Enable," "Synchronize Users," and "Synchronize Orders."




7) User configuration


Midnight requires the site user to exist on their database, so you will need to enable the integration for each site user. To do this, go to Sites > [site name] > User Management > Site Users > [site user] > Embedded Services tab. Set the user as active by checking the box labeled "Active." Add the external ID for the user in the "External ID" field. To get this ID please contact the Midnight support team. You will need to do this for all users that should be integrated with Midnight.



8) Product configuration


Midnight also requires the product to be associated with an ID from a product or service that exists on the Midnight system. Go to Sites > [site name] > Catalog > Products > [product name] > General tab. In the "Order Management" section you will need to enter the Integration ID from Midnight. See below for a screenshot of this area. To obtain this information, please contact the Midnight support team. You will need to do this for all products that should be integrated with Midnight.



Once the integration is configured, you can see a log of the integration in Sites > [site name] > Embedded Services > Midnight. You will also be able to see a log for each order in All Orders > [order number] > Embedded Services tab. The screenshot below shows the log for an order.