Promotions & Importing Promo Codes - Troubleshooting

"I get an error when importing my promotional code spreadsheet, what could cause this?"

If you get an "Import Result: (0) could not read file" or similar error after uploading your file, it is likely caused by one of the below:
  1. Missing Column Header Row. Make sure the file you are uploading contains the row with the column headers contained in the promoImportTemplate.xls file you downloaded.
  2. Duplicate PromoCode. Make sure there are no duplicates in the PromoCode column, or that one or more have not been used in a previous promotion.
  3. Missing Required Data. PromoCode, Promo Name, Start Date, End Date, Promo Type, Usage are all required.  Depending on the Promo Type, one or more of Product URLName, Discount Amount, Discount Percent, may be needed.

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