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Order Synchronization
  • No Approval - Orders and order information are sent from Pressero to PrintSmith after creation
  • Approval - The system waits until all items are approved or declined in Pressero, and then only sends approved items




  • Enabled PrintSmith API: If you do not have the PrintSmith API enabled, or if you are unsure, you should contact EFI to assure you have access before starting with integration
  • Server URL: We recommend using a Sandbox or test server for integration and testing, but a production server with a test account can also be used
  • API Key: Provides access information to your system. Refer to PrintSmith documentation with regards to where to obtain the key
  • Email for Alerts: Notifications regarding transactions and processed between the two applications can be sent to this address


Workflow Overview:



Data Mapping Specifics


Invoice Information
Invoice number
EFI PrintSmith uses an internal sequence for invoices.  Automation Hub cannot assign this number directly
Invoice Title/Web reference number/Special instructions
The order number will be assigned to the invoice title with a prefix of "WSF".  The original value will be assigned to the web reference number
The default is set to "New Invoice"
Wanted By/Required By/Deliver On
This field is mandatory, and the value is mapped to Pressero's Requested Ship Date
Ordered On/Invoice Date
This field is mandatory and the current date and time is used by default
Include account charges
The default value is set to false
Invoice Contact
The first and last names are taken from the related field of the Pressero user ID who placed the order  
The default value is set to "admin"
Taken by
The default value is set to "WSF"
Sales person
The default value is empty
Ship price
The related portion of the shipment price is assigned to this field
PO Number
The value is taken from the Pressero "PO#" field
Web comments
This field is populated with the Order description from Pressero
Shipment Information
Shipping address
Address segments are related to similar segments of Pressero's user shipment address.  For the name field, Automation Hub uses Pressero's Business name field.  If the field is empty, First name and Last name will be used
Ship via
This field is populated the Pressero Shipment Method field
Delivery tickets
For each unique shipment address, Automation Hub creates a shipment ticket and assigns the related invoice item to it.

Invoice Item Information

Pressero's item number (seq number)
Item template
Pressero's product integration ID.  More information is available in products mapping section
Item description
This field is populated by mask {Item Identifier} + {Product Name} + {Pricing attributes by ','} 
Asset URL
This field is populated by a direct URL to the file in Pressero
Ship via
This field is populated the Pressero Shipment Method field
Web comments
This field is populated with Pressero Notes/Additional Instructions
This field is populated with Pressero Item quantity
Item price
This field is mapped to the Pressero Item price
Web Worksheet
This field is populated by:
  •     Item identifier
  •     Shipment number
  •     Pricing attributes

Shipment mapping

Automation Hub assigns method as text without additional mapping

Customer Mapping

Customer and contact mapping consists of 2 steps:
Identify customer
  • If the integration ID of the Pressero storefront is filled, this values is used as the account ID for a new order
  • If the integration ID is empty, Automation Hub identifies the customer by searching the related contact with the user's email
Identify contact
  • Contact identified by user's email
    • ​If the customer or contact does not exist in PrintSmith, Automation Hub will create a new contact.  The required fields in EFI PrintSmith for customer/contact creation will be filled with static default values if not present in the order data
Product Mapping
EFI PrintSmith supports item templates. The Item template code can be mapped to Pressero’s product. In this case, the item template code should be assigned to “Integration Id” for Pressero’s product.
Status Updates
Automation Hub supports mapping status updates in Pace to Pressero workflow states.  Automatic status updates can be configured with default as well as custom workflows.