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Order Synchronization
  • No Approval - Orders and order information are sent from Pressero to Pace after creation
  • Approval - The system waits until all items are approved or declined in Pressero, and then only sends approved items




  • Enabled Pace API: If you do not have the Pace API enabled, or if you are unsure, you should contact EFI to assure you have access before starting with integration
  • Server URL: We recommend using a Sandbox or test server for integration and testing, but a production server with a test account can also be used
  • Login: User name and password of account which will be used in Pace for integration and testing
  • Email for Alerts: Notifications regarding transactions and processed between the two applications can be sent to this address


Workflow Overview:


Data Mapping Specifics


Job information
Order number/Description
EFI Pace uses an internal sequence for job numbers. Automation Hub can’t assign the job number directly, so the order number and storefront name will be assigned to the job description
Job Order Type
The default value is set to “New Order”
Invoice Contact
First name and Last name will be taken from the related field of Pressero’s user for the id which placed an order
PO Number
This field is mandatory, by default this value will be taken from Pressero’s “PO #” field. If the field is empty - Automation Hub will set use “9999” as the PO number


Earliest Start date
This field is mandatory, by default the current date and time will be used
Scheduled Ship/Promise Date
This field is mandatory, this value is mapped to Pressero’s Requested Ship Date
Ship To Job Contact
This field is mandatory, this value is mapped to Pressero’s user. Address information is mapped to shipment address. More details in the identification section
Original Quoted Price/Amount To Invoice
Value mapped to Pressero’s total price
Additional Description
EFI Pace is able to use templates, and in this case, some fields can be filled with predefined values. More information regarding this functionality is available in the Product Mapping section. If Pressero’s product is mapped to a Pace template, Automation Hub will fill this field with “Notes / Additional Instructions” data, otherwise Automation Hub will populate with the following additional information:
  • Product name: “Product names”
  • Price: “Pressero’s total subtotal”
  • Shipping cost: “Pressero’s total shipping cost”
  • Tax: “Pressero’s total tax”
  • Quantity: “Pressero’s total quantity”
Job part information
# Ordered
Order item quantity
Original Quoted Price/Amount To Invoice
Value mapped to Pressero’s price. Automation Hub will add the related portion of shipment price to Pressero’s price
Freight Amount
Automation Hub will assign related portion of shipment price to this field
Order number and storefront name will be assigned to the job description. Value is limited to 64 characters
Additional Description
Automation Hub will pull fields with full list of Pressero’s pricing parameters
Shipment information
Address segments related to similar segments of Pressero’s user shipment address. For name field, Automation Hub will use Pressero’s Business name field. If this field is empty, First name and Last name will be used
This field will be filled with part numbers related to the shipment entry
Shipment Type/Shipper Name
Shipment Type is a constant: Planned shipment
Shipper Name is a constant: api_3rdParty
One carton will be created for each shipment entry. All quantities will be assigned to this carton
Shipment mapping
Special rules are supported for shipment methods:
  1. Default mapping - Based on Pressero’s site Automation Hub will be able to assign specific shipment methods and account numbers
  2. Shipment method mapping - Mapping between Pressero’s shipment method and Pace method
  3. Shipment address mapping - Based on Pressero’s shipment address, Automation Hub will be able to assign specific shipment method and account number
Integration parameters
  1. Wait for all order items to be approved/declined or process order items without state check (Parameter: WaitForApprove Y/N).
        If you want to process order items without status check you need to subscribe only for one         event in Pressero: “Order Placed”
        If you want to process approved orders, you need to subscribe additionally to “Order Item         Approved” and “Order Item Denied” events.
  1. Split order items based on quantity of uploaded files (Parameter: One job per order item Y/N)​
  2. Override file names with job name if destination system needs to receive filename for extra field - direct link to artwork will be with original file name (Parameter: Override file name: Y/N)
  3. To different schemes for job names (Parameter Override job name Y/N):
    1. If select Y: all jobs will be in format: {order number}-{order item seq}-{file num}
    2. If select N: ItemName will be used for job name. If ItemName is empty Automation Hub will use format above
  4. Automation Hub is able to change shipment date by taking holidays into account. Generally weekends are excluded by Pressero, and Automation Hub adds the ability to manage Local, National, as well as other custom holidays. To enable this functionality, do the following:
    • Set “Skip holidays?” parameter to Y
    • Fill list of custom holidays in Application settings screen, state holidays will be populated automatically
Customer mapping
Customer and contact mapping consists of 2 steps:
  1. Identify customer:
    1. If Integration ID if Pressero’s store front is filled this value is used as customer id for a new order
    2. If Integration ID is empty, Automation Hub identify customer by searching related contact with user’s email.
  2. Identify contact:
    • Contact identified by user’s email.
If the customer or contact does not exist in Pace, Automation Hub will create a new one.  Required fields in EFI Pace for customer/contact creation will be filled with static default values if not present in the order data.
Product mapping
EFI Pace supports item templates. Item template code could be mapped to Pressero’s product. In this case  item template code should be assigned to “Integration Id” for Pressero’s product.
Status Updates
Automation Hub supports mapping status updates in Pace to Pressero workflow states.  Automatic status updates can be configured with default as well as custom workflows.