• Integration - Presswise by Smartsoft via Embedded Services


  • Order Synchronization
  • Manual Order Status Synchronization: Requires to access the Site Settings page and click on the Synchronize button
  • User Integration

To Enable SmartSoft Presswise, you need to obtain the credentials to access Presswise API, for information on how to get this information please contact Presswise support team, after that you will need the following information to configure on Pressero:

  • Username: Username to access Presswise API
  • Password: Password to access Presswise API
  • Authorization Code: Authorization Code to access Presswise API
  • Presswise URL: URL provided by Presswise, do not type the http:// or https://
  • Send Price details in the Notes Field: Check if you want to send the price details on the Notes field
  • Initial Status: Select the initial status that Pressero will set on Presswise
After setting these parameters the integration will be available to be activated on the site settings, for more information on how the synchronization works, please check the Embedded Services configuration KB article.


Presswise requires a few parameters to be configured at the Site level and at the user level.


Presswise requires that you set the Presswise customer ID on the Pressero site Integration ID. If you leave this information blank Pressero will try to create a new customer ID with Presswise and this may cause the orders to be sent to the wrong customer on your account on Presswise. To get the correct Customer ID and avoid problems please contact Presswise support team.




If you have a user that is already integrated with Presswise, you can use the Integration ID on the user configuration page to set the Presswise ID. This is not a requirement, because if the user does not exist on Presswise, Pressero will try to create it there. If the user exists, Pressero will bring the information and save on the User Integration field (Embedded Services tab).




Are the order status changes in Pressero ignored by Presswise?


Can status changes in Presswise change an order's status in Pressero?

Yes, if the Synchronize button is manually clicked in Pressero Admin. This would need to be run daily if you want to keep the status in synch.

What happens if the status Synchronize button in Pressero Admin is not clicked?

The order status in Pressero will not be updated by Presswise.

Can Presswise be prevented from updating Pressero?

Yes, the Pressero Admin user can simply not click the status Synchronize button.

Can the order status in Pressero be updated by Presswise automatically?

No, manual only as above. Presswise does not have a postback or webhook capability which would be required for automated updates. It’s in their plans for an unspecified future update.

If the Synchronize button is clicked, what order statuses are updated?

Pressero will get all statuses from Presswise: Press, Shipping, Order Received, Special (On Hold), Special (Waiting Approval), Order Cancelled, Order Completed Special (Files Needed), Special (Artwork Pending), Special (Data Pending), Special (Payment Pending), SpecialReady Pending).

Is the item weight passed to Presswise to use when calculating the shipping cost in Presswise?

Pressero does not send the item weight to Presswise, because of that Presswise does a calculation. So basically Presswise calculates internally based on the paper information the customer uses, and this paper information Pressero passes to Presswise (as long as the user has set an attribute for it) and from there it gets the Weight. 

Can shipment tracking data come back to Pressero from Presswise?

Yes, if the information is available in Presswise Pressero will get Shipping Method, Tracking Number, Shipment Date and Cost.


Orders in Pressero can be optionally injected into PressWise automatically. As Pressero and PressWise are separate systems, they have slightly different data models. Select here to view the XML structure.