Ch. 005. Creating and Duplicating a Template

The initial log-in to your eDocBuilder site will open the Templates page in the illustration below. This page will display templates that you have created and serve as a starting point to either edit, test or create new templates.

The first step in building a new template is to enter a name and select which type of template you would like to create (Forms or Interactive), then click the create button. Be sure to name each of your templates with a unique name that will be easy to identify later when you assign it to a product in your store. 

If you are using the InDesign Plug-in, you don't need to do this step, the plugin will create the template for you when you import from InDesign. 

If you are not using the plug-in, you can upload your master PDF or create a template from scratch. If you create a template from scratch you will need to use Field Designer to place elements on the page. 

Important: You need at least one font enabled either within the Font Library or within the template to be able to create a template from scratch or via uploading a Master PDF.

Duplicating a template

The duplication icon below a template (icon of multiple pages) will create a copy of the template. Clicking it will open a window where you can specify a new template name and click "Duplicate."  This feature can be a great time saver for when you have similar templates to build.

Instead of copy/pasting the form fields from one PDF to the next (which can cause problems), you can replace the PDF artwork to create another master PDF instead. You can make any changes you would like in the new template. You can also upload a different master PDF; all form fields that have the same name as in the original template will retain the original formatting information. 

Duplicate your Template

  1. Download the master PDF associated with that duplicated template
  2. Open that master PDF (will have all the form fields specified)
  3. Choose the option to "Replace Pages"
  4. Locate the new PDF on your computer and replace the PDF with the new one
  5. Notice that now you have new artwork (doesn't even have to be the same size PDF) but all your form fields are still there
  6. Move the form fields into a new position, add more, delete what you don't need (if necessary)... but don't rename any that you will be continuing to use.
  7. Save
  8. Upload the new PDF master into the duplicated template you created.
  9. As long as you did not change the form field names, all your form field setup will be done
  10. Any new form fields you added in the new PDF will have to be set up
  11. Any form fields you didn't need and removed in the new PDF will be gone

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