Ch. 056b Catalog Organization (for Products and Categories)

Catalog Organization

in Pressero Admin for Products and Categories


In this chapter, you will learn about:

Having trouble adding products to categories? Go to Adding a Product to a Category.
Note for people using Pressero on mobile devices: The article below assumes you are using Pressero on a desktop or laptop computer. In mobile view, functionality mentioned below is the same, but the sections referenced below are stacked on top of each other, instead of side-by-side.

Layout of the Catalog Organization Area

[Your Site Name] > Catalog > Catalog Organization

This page is organized into three sections (excluding the navigation bar on the far left).
  • Middle: The list of all your Products.
  • Top-Right: The list of all your Categories.
  • Bottom-Right: If you have selected a specific category, you will see a list of products currently assigned to that specific category on the bottom-right.
Note that this page is only used to organize your products into categories. You will not be able to directly edit the details of your product on the Catalog Organization page, and will need to visit the Products page instead.
On the top right of this screenshot, you can see the ABC Corp Products root category has been selected. Since that category has 5 products already assigned, those 4 products are listed in the bottom-right section called ABC Corp Products [5 Products]
Note: If you haven't selected a specific category, the category section will take up the entire right column.
Additionally, you will also encounter pop-up screens that appear on top of these sections. We will go over those below in the section on bulk-editing categories.

The Products Section (middle column)

The Products section allows you to:
  • See which products are in categories, and which are not
  • Select one or more products, so you can add them to a category
  • Tell at a glance which products are/aren't already in a category
  • Bulk-remove multiple categories from one specific product
  • Search by product name to find one specific item
You will not be able to edit product details in this section. It's for categorizing and decategorizing products only.

The Products Section Display

Each product row consists of four things:
  • The product name, which you or someone in your organization assigned.
  • A red or green  icon. Red means the product is not in any category, green means it's in at least one category.
  • The number of categories the product is in.
  • A checkbox. You will use the checkbox to select products to add to a category.
If you click on the green box icon , a new window pops up. Use this window to remove a Product from one or more categories. See the Bulk-Editing a Product's Categories section for more information.

Searching and Filtering Products

Directly underneath the Product section label, there is a search box and a filter button.
Below is an example of what happens when you click the filter button. The two items shown are not in any category, and therefore show the red boxes icon .
To use the search function, simply begin typing the name of the product you're looking for, and it will automatically filter products based on what you type.
Example: If you search for env or ope and have a product named "Envelopes", either term will show you all entries named "Envelopes", as well as any other products that have env or ope in their names. It will not search product information outside of the product name, however.

Organize by URL

People organize their products in different ways, and sometimes different products in Pressero share the exact same name, which can make Catalog Management difficult if there's no way to tell products apart solely by name.
In order to help you find the exact products you're looking for when organizing them, we've added a toggle to all three sections of the Catalog Management page called Organize by URL, allowing you to view products by URL instead of by name.
Since all URLs must already be unique, this allows you to differentiate between products sharing the same name as you sort.
This also affects how products are displayed to you in all three panes, and you can turn this toggle on or off on a per-pane basis.
Search boxes will also now return results that match either the product name or the product URL.

Bulk-Editing a Product's Categories

Click on the GREEN icon to pull up a new window where you can selectively remove the item from multiple categories.
Remember to hit SAVE to save your changes!
In the above screen, you can:
  • Use the "Select All" or "Select None" to quickly check or uncheck all listed categories.
  • Use the "Reverse" selection to "flip" your current selection. For example, if there were four categories and you had the top one checked and the bottom three unchecked, using "Reverse Selection" will cause the top one to become unchecked, and the bottom three unchecked.
  • Hit the X in the upper corner, or "Cancel" to close the screen without saving changes.
  • Save changes, by hitting "Save". Changes you make won't persist unless you save!

The Categories Section (Located top-right)

The Categories section allows you to:
  • Select a category
  • Expand categories nested in other categories
  • See the number of individual products listed in a category
  • Search for a specific category name
  • Expand and collapse all categories
  • Expand to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level of categories
The Categories section does not allow you to add new categories. You will need to go to the Categories administrative page instead.

Searching, Filtering, and Expanding

In the screenshot above, you can see the following features in the top row of the Categories section:
  • The section name ("Categories")
  • The search box
  • The minus (-) and plus (+) buttons that allow you to completely contract or expand all category levels
  • The numbers 2, 3, and 4 that allow you to selectively expand all categories to show the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th levels
The search box allows you to enter the name of a category, then select it from a drop-down list. Once you click on it, it will jump down and expand the view to show that particular category.
Next to the search box are minus (-) and plus (+) buttons. These completely expand or contract the entire category tree.
To the right of that are three additional buttons with a 2, 3, and 4 on them. Below is an example of what you would see if you clicked the "2" button to expand your categories to the 2nd level.
If you clicked on 3 instead, entries under Hang Tags and Postcards would show, and if you clicked on 4, any nested entries within those groups would show. Returning to 2 or clicking on the (-) button will contract the tree again.

The Categories Tree

Categories are listed in a tree format, which allows you to click the (+) sign in order to expand them and see the children categories.
Above in the example image, you can see the Category name, as well as a total number of products assigned to that category.
Please note that this count is only for products directly assigned to that category; products assigned to categories nested within a category won't be added to the parent category's product count.
If you click directly on a category name so that the entire row turns bright blue, a new section on the screen will show up underneath, listing all of the products assigned to that category. See the next section of this manual for more information on this feature.

Adding a Product to a Category (using the Product and Category sections)

There are several steps to add a product to a category (assuming the product and the category have already been created).
  1. In the Products column, select one or more products by clicking their check boxes. (You can select any product, even ones already in a category.)
  2. In the Categories section, select one category by clicking on it. It will turn blue! (You can only select one category.)
  3. On the bottom of the Products column, it will tell you how many products are selected, and the name of the category you intend to add them to.
  4. Click "Add To (Your Name)", where "Your Name" is the category you chose.
  5. You will get a notification that they were added. But you are not done!
  6. In the lower right section, confirm that the products that you want to be in that category are there. You can use the red X to remove unwanted products.
  7. Click "Save All Changes".
  8. The page will reload. Now you are done!
Remember to hit SAVE to save your changes!

Managing Products Within A Category (Located bottom-right after selecting a category)

When you click on a specific Category in the upper right, a section will appear on the bottom right, listing all products currently assigned to that specific category.
  • Use the icon on the left to drag a product up or down to change the order it's displayed in.
  • Use the red X to remove a product from the category.
  • Use the Remove All button to remove ALL products from a category.
  • The search box can be used to quickly locate a particular product so you can change its order or remove it from the category.
  • After making changes, you MUST save for them to stick!
Remember to hit SAVE to save your changes!

Did You Save? (Remember to save!)

Several features on this page allow you to select/deselect things, and move them around.
These changes will NOT persist unless you explicitly save! If you navigate away to another page without explicitly saving, your changes will be lost.
Always remember to save your changes before moving to another screen.