tFLOW Documentation - 16. Anonymous Upload

Anonymous Upload
tFLOW includes the Anonymous Upload function which will help replace the generic FTP upload button on your current website.  Anonymous Upload allows users to upload files to tFLOW  without already being a user in the system nor having an order or job created prior to the upload.  To access the anonymous upload, either type your tFLOW URL and add “/upload” to the end, or create a button with that link – example: 
All jobs which are uploaded through the Anonymous Upload are assigned to the Anonymous Upload company, and the same functionality applies as with any other company and the orders and jobs which belong to it.
Users have access to the most important features of the job creation window with a couple of additional fields to help identify who is uploading since there is no requirement for the user or company to already be in the system.  Fields include:
  • Splitting scheme – provides options for how multi-page PDF’s will be handled.  See Order and Job Management for more information
  • Your email address – required field.  This provides a unique identification as well as a way to get in contact with the person uploading
  • Your name – required field. 
  • Phone number – required field
  • Job number if known – the user may put in a number if given one from an ad agency, CSR or other.
  • Customer Order Number – Customer PO.  The user can input any number here which helps him to identify which order this upload corresponds to in his system
  • Job or Campaign name – useful if the upload is being used as part of an ad campaign as space may be sold by a third party – bust stops, airports, etc.
  • Your Contact – The user can input the contact details helps to get in contact with the company, CSR, etc. 
  • Product Type – defines how the uploaded files should be processed based on what the final product should be – see section Products for more information
  • Notes – free text field to enter any additional information