tFLOW Documentation - 15. Global Search

Global Search
As the number of Orders and Jobs grows, filtering does not always provide the quickest method to retrieve historical information. It can be faster to type in a search term with the desired information and see a list of items that meet the term.  Global Search in tFLOW provides this capability, ensuring that any order or job can be found and consulted at all times.
Global Search
To access Global Search, there are two places: 1. Global Search at the top of the web page 2. select Global Search from the left menu. The difference between the two is that the link at the top of the page goes directly to search, while the left menu item opens a configuration page which allows you to refine your search.
In the Global Search page, you have two types of search.  Full-text (the default) and Partial Match.
  • Full-text – in this search mode, the entire string entered in the search field must match in order for it to be listed in the search results. For example, if you type the term “sear”, it would not find the word “search” in tFLOW since the strings do not identically match. 
  • Partial Match – In this mode, a couple of matching characters from the entire string are enough to define the match. Using the example from above, the term “sear” would find the word “search” in tFLOW since the characters “sear” match the portion “sear” of the word “search”.  Partial match searches will provide many more search results than Full-text searches, but will also take a lot longer when the amount of data is high, and can also provide too many hits, so it is recommended to use together with filters.
To access filters in search, click on the dropdown menu to the left of the search field:
The list includes:
  • Order (order number)
  • Job (job number)
  • Comment (any word typed into messages in any of the jobs or orders)
  • Revision (attributes related to any job, such as filename of artwork)
  • User (name of any user in the system)
  • Company (name of any company in the system)
  • File (support files) 
Once you have made your search, any matches will be displayed below in a list.  You can click any item from the list to take you to the Order or Job where the term was used.