tFLOW Documentation - 12. Reports

tFLOW reports permit you to run customizable queries and extract data which can then be used in BI and graphing applications to analyze your efficiency and productivity. 
Running a report
To access reports, select the Reports item from the left menu and click on the user Activity Report icon.
Before running the report you will be presented with a configuration window which allows you to define the parameters for the report.  Settings include:
Users – defines for which users transactions will be included in the report.  Default is all.
Date Period – sets start and end dates for the report
Transaction types – provides a list of tFLOW transactions to include in the report.  The list includes options such as archiving, creating items such as orders, jobs, and comments, updating jobs and orders, setting rush, etc.
Once you have made your choices, select if you want the report to be generated in a new window, or as a downloadable CSV file.  If you choose to open in a new window, be careful that your browser is not blocking new popups.  If so, you will need to go to the blocker and allow pop-ups from tFLOW and then run the report again.
Report window
Once you have run the report, the User Activity Report window will display all the data in a table.  You may sort by any column by clicking on column headers, witch between pages using the page selected at the bottom right, or print the report using the print button at the top.