tFLOW Documentation - 03. Order Review Alert

Order Review Alert
tFLOW has several types of email notifications for Orders, Jobs, and Comments.  The Order Review notification alerts users as to when an order is ready for approval or review, no matter how many jobs are contained within the order.  There are two types of Order Review notifications: Automated and Manual.  Both types use the same System Settings for defining the default message and format.
Automated Order Reviews
In the order creation/configuration, there is a field labeled “Planned Number of Jobs”.
This field gives you the capability to define when the order review alert will be sent.  In order for tFLOW to send the order review at the right time (once all jobs are created), it needs to be told how many jobs the order will contain.  As an example, if you input “5”, tFLOW will wait until there are five jobs with artwork before sending out the order review email to the users assigned to the order.  If no value is input in this field, tFLOW will not send any automated order review emails, as it cannot determine when the order is complete and ready for review.  Note that in order to receive the automated Order Review alert, the user settings must have “Review/Approval” checked in the Email Alerts tab.
Manual Order Reviews
Order reviews may also be sent manually, in the event that your workflow does not allow you to determine the number of planned jobs up front, or if you would like to have more control over when your customers receives their order review or approval notification.  To access the Send Order Review option, click on the Order option button (three vertical dots) and select the menu item “Send Order Review”:
In the popup window, you will be able to select users who are assigned to the order who you would like to send the notification to, by clicking in the “Select Users” area.  If you would like to add a new person, you can click on the blue “Add User” button to the right.  This will open a window where you can input the user’s name and email.  Any user added this way will also be added to tFLOW for future orders.
In the area below “Add a message (optional)” type any additional text you would like to add to the email alert.  Messages entered here will be added to the Order Review email notification.  Note that the manual sending of Order Reviews overrides user email alert preferences, and will send an email alert regardless of whether users have alerts turned on.  *Alert settings in user accounts refer to automated alerts.
Order Review Alert System Settings
To change the default message and format of Order Review Alerts, first go to System Settings:
Click on the Email Settings tab and scroll down until you see Order Review Alerts:
In Order Review Alerts, you can define the email subject line, the text of the email body, and apply colors and text formatting.  You may use standard text, as well as substitution variables.  For more information on substitution variables, see the article in the knowledge base here.
Below is an example of the default Order Review alert using the settings above and adding the word “Test” to the message area in the Send Order Review window: