Ch. 046b Profile Fields

Profile Fields


In this article, you'll learn:

What is a Profile Field?

A profile field is a field that holds information about a customer or user, such as their name, address, phone number, and other information.

Where are Profile Fields displayed?

  • On the customer sign-up/create account page (if it is enabled) of a site or storefront.
  • On a customer's profile in Pressero.
  • On a user's account when an Admin goes to Site > User Management > Profile Fields and edits a user.
There are two types of profile fields that are used in Pressero: 
  1. Default fields used by the Pressero system.
  2. Custom profile fields you create under Preferences > Custom Profile Fields.
Below is an example of how Profile Fields might show up on a Create Account page.
Pressero has a number of default User Profiles fields. Some are required, some are optional. Required fields are First Name, Last Name, Email, Address 1, City, State or Province, Country, Password, Confirm Password and can not be turned off or made optional.
The default optional fields are Middle Name, Username, Title, Phone, Cell Phone, Fax, Time Zone, Website, Business Name, Address 2, Address 3, Postal Code, Site Group (B2B), Location  (B2B), Department  (B2B). These optional fields can be turned off or made required. The image below shows Pressero profile fields for a B2C store. Notice how some of them are starred and required for signup, and some are not. Optional fields can be edited, Pressero required system fields can not.
Sometimes you might want to show fewer fields to new customers on sign-up. Maybe you simply want a sleeker-looking page, or maybe you don't want to scare off customers by asking for a lot of data all at once.
The next section will show you how to remove, or even mark as required, individual Profile Fields.

Editing a Profile Field
Site > User Management > Profile Fields

When you visit Site > User Management > Profile Fields as a Pressero Admin, you'll see page that looks like this:
Each row is a different profile field you can manage, and the columns from left to right are as follows:
  • Pencil icon : Appears for Profile Fields you are allowed to edit.
  • Prompt: The name the customer sees for the field when they are signing up or editing their profile.
  • Active on Form: Determines whether a new customer signing up is shown this field or not. In the case of a custom profile field, if unchecked, not only will the field not appear on the sign up form, but it will also not appear in admin (site user area), or in the storefront (customer profile). For more information on custom profile fields, see: Ch. 026b Custom Profile Fields
  • Required: Determines whether a new customer signing up can proceed without filling in the field.
  • Area: Tells you which other fields it's grouped with (like fields are grouped together on forms).
  • Type: Tells you how a customer can interact with a field. For example, text fields can have text entered into them, drop-down lists allow a user to pick an answer from a pre-defined list, etc.
There's also a pager at the bottom of the page that allows you to go to a second or third page if the profile field you are looking for isn't on the first.

Editing A Profile Field

Click on the pencil icon  for the row you wish to edit. Fields that do not have a pencil icon next to them are needed by Pressero to function correctly, and are unable to be edited.
A row you are actively editing will change color like the above, and have a green check on the left to save changes, and a red cancel icon  if you don't want to save changes.
  • To change whether the field shows up on the sign-up/create account form, check Active on Form.
  • To change whether the field is marked Required, check that box.
Once you are done editing, be sure to click the green check icon  , otherwise your changes will NOT be saved!

Required Fields and Checking Out

  • Existing customers can't check out until ALL required fields are filled.
  • Customers will need to fill newly-required fields in their profile before checking out.
  • If they do not have permissions to edit their profiles, they can't make this edit, and can't check out until you fill the required field for them, or fix permissions so they can do it themselves.
  • Go to Site > User Management > Site Groups to edit the permission of groups so that users in those groups have permissions for the Can edit their own personal account info setting.

Where are the Profile Fields in the "Address" Area Supposed To Be?

If you can't find any Address fields on your customer sign-up page, it's possible "Address Book Mode" is set to Locations for your site.
Go to Site > Settings > General Info and scroll down to the Shopping Cart section. If you see it's set to Locations, it means Pressero is handling all addresses using its Location feature, and won't display the Address Profile Fields on the customer sign-up page.

The "Site Group" Profile Field

Unlike the other default fields, this particular field needs extra configuration before it will work. See the next section for information.

Configuring the Site Group Profile Field

It is possible to configure Pressero so that when a new customer signs up, they are able to self-select a Site Group for themselves.
When that is configured, new customers signing up will see something similar to the below, with a drop-down list of Site Groups they can choose from.
Configuring Pressero to do this is a two-step process. The first step is to use the instructions from the previous section to mark the Site Group field as Active on Form.
However, you don't really want customers signing up on their own to assign themselves to any old Site Group. That could turn into a problem quickly!
So for the second step, you need to edit all the Site Groups and check a little box that lets Pressero know it's okay to let new customers put themselves in this Site Group.

Site > User Management > Site Groups

Move over to the Site Groups page. It will look something like this:
For a Site Group that you want new customers to be able to put themselves in, click the pencil icon .  You'll be brought to a page that looks like the image below.
On this page, under the Group Name field, there's a box marked Available to Self-Signup Users Check it so it looks like this:
Then Save. This Site Group will now show up in the drop-down box as a choice when new customers sign up on your site!

Allowing Customers to Edit Their Profiles

While on Sites > User Management > Site Groups, edit a group and scroll down and look for Can edit their own personal account info.
If you've made any Profile Fields required, that permission needs to be set to Allowed.
Make sure to save, and repeat the process for any other necessary groups that might need to update their profile fields so that required ones can be filled out.