How do I add an opt-in form for cookies to my site? (GDPR)

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With new European Union data-protection regulations under GDPR, it is now required to add a notice to your site, informing visitors that the site uses cookies. A script that adds this notice can be generated from various third-party sites and added to the head content section of your site.
When adding CSS or Javascript to change the design or behavior of a Pressero site, please keep in mind that the underlying HTML may change as new features are introduced to the system or changes, such as skin changes, are made to the site.
Aleyant recommends Javascript generated by one of these sites for generating popups to inform visitors that the site uses cookies:
These can be added easily to a Pressero site, by inserting the code in Settings > SEO & HTML > Edit Head Content.
A sample block of a script from the first site on that list is shown below.
The script block looks like this:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//" />
<script src="//"></script>
window.addEventListener("load", function(){
  "palette": {
    "popup": {
      "background": "#eaf7f7",
      "text": "#5c7291"
    "button": {
      "background": "#56cbdb",
      "text": "#ffffff"
  "position": "top",
  "static": true,
  "content": {
    "message": "Custom Text"
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