tFLOW Documentation - 02. Companies

To access the Company Manager, click on the configuration icon in the upper right and select Companies:
Managing Companies
Once you are in the Company Manager you will see one or more companies.  The site owner will be in Bold, while customer companies (all others) will have standard labels.  You can edit any company by clicking on its name in the list, or clicking the “Edit” button (pencil icon) at the right.  All users must belong to a company (they can be Assigned to work with multiple companies), so the first step when adding any user to tFLOW, is to make sure their company has been created first. To add a company, click the “Add Company” button at the bottom left.
Adding/Editing Companies
The company configuration panel is divided into two sections - Main and Assigned Users.
  • Company name - Name of the company as it will appear in the UI and on proofs.  This can be changed at any time
  • Default Queues assigned to this company - Lists the available tBOT Production queues (see Send to Production - tBOT for more information).  Any selected queues will be automatically assigned to orders which are created for this company.
  • Delete all uploaded logos - eliminates all logos listed on the right under Logo, Page Logo, Email Logo and Login Logo.  Logos can also be eliminated individually by clicking on the “X” icon in the upper right of the logo image area.  When a logo field is blank (after eliminating the current logo), the minimum height and width fields are displayed, as well as accepted file types.  Each logo is used in a different area and optimum sizes will differ.  Note: Logo and Email logo will be used over a light background, so uploaded logos should either be dark, or have a dark border in the case of lighter colors.  Page Logo and Login Logo will be over dark grey, so uploaded logos should be white or be inside of of a white rectangle.
  • Logo - used in companies list of the Company Manager. 
  • Page Logo - appears in the top left of the tFLOW screen at all times other than login page.
  • Email Logo - appears in the upper left of email notifications sent from tFLOW.
  • Login Logo - appears in the main login screen (not visible to users of public links since they are not required to login).
  • Proof Logo - appears in the top left of the proof pdf.
Your Brand
tFLOW comes by default with tFLOW logos.  Default logos can be changed at any time, and all windows will be updated upon browser window reload (Note: if logos still do not appear after reload, reset cache).  Only new emails will be affected by logo changes.  Previously sent emails will maintain previous logos.
Once you have changed the default logos with your own, your site will represent your brand.  You do not need to change any settings of customer companies (all companies other than the site owner) as they will use the site owner logos unless configured to use other logos.  In the event you need to brand the UI for specific customers, upload the desired logos for each company you wish to have an individual brande.  Any links which are sent for Orders of those companies will then display their brands instead of the brand of the site owner.  If you wish to return the brand to your own, delete the logos from the customized company’s settings and their view will revert to the site owner brand once again.
Assigned Users:
User assignment refers to the ability of any user to see Orders and Jobs of a company.  Users which are not assigned to a particular company will not see any Jobs or Orders for that company, nor any reference to the company other than in the list of companies in the Company Manager (company manager is visible to site owners with sufficient permissions only). 
The Assigned Users section is divided into two sections and one sub-section, as there are three types of users which can be assigned to any company. 
  • Users - lists all users of the site owning company.  To add/remove the visibility of any user in this list to the Orders and Jobs of the customer company, use the selection boxes on the left.  Note the “Select/Deselect All” in the event you need to add or remove many users.  Normally all managers and production personnel are assigned to all companies, while salespeople are only assigned to companies which correspond their accounts.
  • Customer Users - lists users of the customer company.  At least one user should always be selected else nobody from that company will be able to view or approve their jobs.
  • Other Companies Users - by using the “Add Users” button, you can select users from other companies to add them to view this company’s Jobs and Orders.  This can be useful for ad agencies, collaborative relationships between brokers and printers, etc.  These additional users can be removed using the Remove buttons on the right.
For long lists of users, filtering and search options are available by using the corresponding buttons in the upper right.