How to Add Reports to a B2B store

You can add reports to a B2B store using the Navigation control area.
  1. Pressero Admin > Sites > Navigation
  2. Open the Standard Item list > Select "Reports" and drag it to the menu. Rename if needed.
  3. Save
To grant access to the Reports area in the store use Site Groups permissions.
  1. Pressero Admin > Sites > Site Groups
  2. For "Can manage site reports" and "Can view site reports" select "Allowed"
  3. Save
Do changes I make in the Pressero Adim > Tools > Report Writer affect the reports in the B2B store?
No, they are independent of each other. One does not affect the other.
Will my customer be able to use the reports in their B2B store to access data from my other stores?
No, the data is limited to the B2B store the reports tool has been added to.