How do I add videos to the Banner area on the Home Page?

I want to add about six videos instead of images to the banner area and have them play sequentially, how can I do that?

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The information below will be useful for your web developer. If you have questions about using iFrames or creating a custom skin, please consult your web developer. Aleyant Professional Services may be hired as an alternative.
Please note: The option to build and use a custom skin is inactive by default. If you wish to activate Custom Skinning as part of your subscription, please submit a support ticket here

The Video Platform

The video series is built by you on a video platform. For this article, we will choose YouTube. YouTube provides the iFrame code to embed in your page.

Custom Pressero Skin

To have the videos play in the Home Page Banner area, you'll need your web developer to create a Custom Skin that utilizes an iFrame where the banner normally displays. Aleyant Professional Services may also be hired.
An online search for "YouTube embed videos & playlists" may be helpful with providing further details regarding creating a video playlist, as well as locating iFrame code to copy and paste.
Or, here is a link to get started (note that links can change over time):

Responsive iFrames for Mobile

Note that the iFrame code provided by the video platform will likely be using a fixed pixel width and height. This may not work well with mobile devices. Your web developer may want to use a CSS intrinsic ratio technique to have the iFrame resize itself proportionally for different screen sizes.
An online search for "responsive iframes" will help with details. Here is a link that may also help: