Can Pressero support USPS EDDM or Saturation Mailing?

Can Pressero support USPS EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)?
Can Pressero support saturation mailing?
Integrating an EDDM or Saturation Mailing system into your Pressero store may be possible, if the service you are looking at has an API.
The USPS does not have an API for its Every Door Direct Mail service. As a result, it can only be accessed via the USPS website.
A workaround would be to put a link to the USPS EDDM site in your store. Or, an iFrame on a page in your Pressero store that "frames in" the USPS site might be possible. If so, your customer would be working in the USPS website but from within a window on your page. There would be no ordering or payment integration with the Pressero cart/checkout process. Ordering would be done via the USPS site.
As an alternative to USPS, there are company's that provide their own version of EDDM and do support integration with an API. If you have an account with one of them, our Professional Services can quote an integration within the Pressero storefront. We'd use their API, together with the Pressero API and the Pressero OpenFrame method to embed the EDDM service as a product in your store. This would enable your customer to order and pay within your store, like they do for other products. The same would apply to saturation mailing.
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