Having Purchase Orders now available PrintJobManager gives users the ability to order material specifically for a job or order material not related to a job. This new feature sends a pdf of purchase order to vendor via email. There is no contacting needed, pdf gets emailed and material gets ordered. See below for set up and use of the new purchase order feature.



User Groups - Main Menu (Main Menu > Settings > User Groups)

Set purchase order permissions here in the materials section of the User Group, see below.



Permissions to be granted for users include Create, View, Edit and Delete.




Organizations  - Main Menu Overview (Main Menu > Customers > Organizations)

When setting up an organization or making changes to an organization you will need to check the Vendor check box in order to set that Organization up as a vendor as well. See below.



Next we need to finish the set up in the materials area. In each material you will need to make a couple of adjustments if you wish to order that material with a purchase order from PrintJobManager. 


Materials  - Main Menu Overview (Main Menu > Materials )

You will see a purchase order section see below

A - Check this box if you want this material to be ordered when a job is created. If this is checked a purchase order will be generated and emailed to vendor when job is created using this material. If not checked material is not ordered when job is created.

B - Assign vendor here

C - Assign person here, contact at the vendor.    

D - Use Price from material list or use no price.

E - Any instructions for vendor like packaging info or delivery info.


Once all of these steps are completed you may enter purchase orders. Go to materials


Materials  - Main Menu Overview (Main Menu > Materials > Purchase Orders) 
See below for list view of purchase orders.



A - Purchase Order Tab
B - Due date of purchase order
C - Purchase Order Number
D - Job Number associated with purchase order
E - Material Description
F - Quantity of purchase order
G - Price of material ordered
H - Received checkbox
When you create or edit purchase order you are taken to the following screen. See below

Enter the information in each field, select Save to save the purchase order. Select Save and Send to save the purchase order and to send the purchase order to the chosen vendor.


If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support