Why don't I see new orders immediately in the Admin > Orders Area and why do I need to refresh the page?

In order to provide a responsive experience when updating and managing your orders, we make a call to the database every 3 minutes. This means, depending on the last time you refreshed your page, and when the last time we checked for updates, there could possibly be a 3 minute delay before you will see new orders or see changes that you have made to those orders. 
We do require that you refresh the page (use the refresh icon on the top/right of the order area or refresh your browser) as we do not want to hit the server every few minutes to see if there are more orders to add to the page when you may not even be actively using Pressero, and may only have the page open in another tab.  
If selecting the refresh button is causing you concern, you might want to try adding a browser plug-in that can do an auto refresh.  This way we can continue to give those that don't mind refreshing a better experience, and hopefully, a plugin also gives others a solution as well.