Overview of Pressero Integration Approaches

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The goal of this document is to outline the purpose & approach of each integration option available to Pressero and address where they may overlap with other options.
Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) - A desktop application (Windows, Mac, Linux) that automates the transfer of Pressero orders into your back-end production process using hot folders. It eliminates the need to manually download and sort orders.  AWI can create "control files", which are often JDF or XML based, containing key metadata about the job that the system publishing the hot folder can read.  For more information: http://support.aleyant.com/kb/a27/ch_-001a_-before-you-begin-awi-2.aspx
API - A way for an external program to create, read, update, and delete underlying data in Pressero.  It only touches "data at rest".  It cannot introduce new capabilities into Pressero.  A helpful way to think of the API is that it can automate things a user might do in the Pressero admin or storefront.  The API approach is called REST and it supports both JSON and XML data formats.  Earlier versions of Pressero used an approach called SOAP.
cXML Punchout - A way to integrate a Pressero storefront with a print buyer’s procurement system such as Coupa or Ariba.  In cXML, the user starts inside the procurement system.  Using cXML, the procurement system creates a shopping cart session in Pressero for the user, and then bounces the user over to the Pressero site.  The user does not need to login, as the procurement system has negotiated the login via cXML.  After the user checks out, the user is bounced back to the procurement system and the order is marked as an estimate request.  At a later point, the procurement system will tell the Pressero site to either cancel the order or change its status from Estimate to being an actual Order.  Note that cXML Punchout is a subset of a much larger cXML standard that defines data structures and data flows.
cXML Listener URL - In site settings, Pressero provides the option to POST (send) a summary of the order placed to an external URL.  This summary is sent in cXML data structure format.  This method is used for some MIS integrations.  This should not be confused with cXML Punchout.
SSO - SSO, or Single Sign On, doesn't refer to a specific technology. It refers to a variety of ways to avoid having the user maintain a separate login on their Pressero site. The user should be passed over to the Pressero site and automatically logged in, or a user logging into Pressero should be authenticated against an external source in some manner.  SAML and oAUTH are the strongly preferred SSO options.
  • SAML - A SSO method typically used by enterprise applications.  Using SAML, Pressero can securely authenticate against an external source.  Pressero has implemented multiple standard SAML services (Azure, Okta, OneLogin, PingOne, Salesforce) and provides the ability, through the admin, to create custom SAML connections.  With SAML the user does not need to maintain a user profile on Pressero, however, a user profile is created within Pressero automatically to support the SAML authentication.  SAML may be used with customer-owned Windows Servers (Active Directory).  For more information: http://support.aleyant.com/kb/a1044/ch_-065b-single-sign-on-sso.aspx
  • oAUTH - A SSO method typically used by consumer web applications, such as Facebook.  Using oAUTH, Pressero can securely authenticate against an external source.  Pressero has implemented three oAUTH SSO methods. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are the three methods supported.   Methods outside these three are not supported.  With oAUTH the user does not need to maintain a user profile on Pressero, however, a user profile is created within Pressero automatically to support the oAUTH authentication.  Because they are the only three methods supported, it is better to think of this as “Login via Facebook, Twitter, or Google” rather than specifically mentioning oAUTH. For more information: http://support.aleyant.com/kb/a1044/ch_-065b-single-sign-on-sso.aspx
OpenFrame - A mechanism to display content via an iFrame from a 3rd party website as the product page, or as the second step after product page but before the shopping cart page.  OpenFrame also includes a list of standard parameters used to pass important information between Pressero and the 3rd party website, such as price or quantity.  OpenFrame can be useful to allow other companies to integrate various “product configurators” into Pressero without needing Aleyant staff to be involved.  For more information: http://support.aleyant.com/kb/a534/openframe.aspx
Custom Skinning - For customers requiring a unique design for their b2b or b2c websites, Pressero allows a web designer/developer to create custom html, css, and javascript that can change the appearance of the Pressero website.  It is important to note that custom skinning cannot create new capabilities in Pressero.  For example, Pressero currently does not have a “wish list” function built in.  A custom skin would not be able to add this capability.  Conversely, adding tabs is simply a change in how content is displayed and is possible with custom skinning. Another example would be adding a facebook feed via js code would be possible.  A large and ongoing challenge with custom skinning is that the custom html, css, and js may need to change as Pressero code evolves in response to new features or changes in Internet coding best practices.  Click here for more information.
External Pricing - A common complaint among Pressero subscribers is that they need to maintain pricing in two locations.  Once inside Pressero and secondly in an external system, such as an MIS.  External pricing solves this problem by creating a standard way for Pressero to “ask” for pricing from an external system.  External pricing does not magically work with any 3rd party system.  The external system needs to create an API that is compliant with Pressero’s specifications.  For more information: http://support.aleyant.com/kb/a420/ch_-010_-external-pricing-services-updated-for-v6.aspx