Pole Pockets and Pole Banners

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Version: 10
Date: 05/07/2020
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Template file: NA
Pole pocket 2 sides with variable pole pocket and mirrored bleed added top and bottom
  • 2 pages PDF artwork

Production - page1
Production - page2


tffin_bleed_allsides Bleed size (at full scale) String 1  
tffin_create_pole_pocket Pole pocket height String 1  
tffin_white_allsides White space (for sewing, hems and webbing) String 1  
Trim size:....................... various
Prodcution file:
Add mirrored bleed (variable size) on top and bottom
Outline live area with 1pt stroke
Check if font is not embedded
Set black to overprint and white text and vector to knockout