Custom Statuses can be used to track a job through the printing process. PrintJobManager comes with a standard set of “Macro Statuses.” These are Unapproved, Estimate, Production, Billing, Completed, Cancelled and Pending. The Macro Statuses are listed in order and cannot be rearranged.

All production resources used in a product engine will also become a status (i.e. Pre-Flight/Prep Files, Digital Press - Color, Cut 4 Out No Bleeds, etc). These will show as a subset of Production in the drop-down window of the list view.

With this feature the user can add as many custom statuses as they would like based on how you would define your workflow. Examples are: Order Ready for Production, Proof Out, On hold...etc. These statuses can then be arranged into any order that you wish and can be arranged around the Macro Statuses.

Custom Status Permissions

    Settings > User Groups

Access to custom statuses can be granted in the user group set-up.

To access User Groups, go to Settings > User Groups and then the General Settings section. Select that box and save to give user group access to Custom Statuses.

Custom Status Page

    Settings > Custom Statuses

To access the custom statuses page, start from the main menu and select Settings > Custom Statuses. This will take you to Add Custom Statuses.

Adding a Custom Status

  1. Type a name for your status in the “Add Custom Status” control
  2. Click the “Add Status” button

Arranging Statuses

  1. Use the star to designate the default status for all new jobs. By designating a status as the default status, all new jobs, or jobs that are imported from Pressero will start with that status.
  2. Use the drag handle to drag and drop the statuses in the order you want. The 7 Macro statuses’ order may not be adjusted.

Custom Status Delete

To delete a Custom Status, click the red delete button next to that status. You will be asked to confirm before the delete is processed. Notice that you are only able to delete custom statuses.

Please Note: If you attempt to delete a custom status (added in the list) and if it is already used by any of the available Jobs, then you need to change the status of all the Jobs using that specific status to some other status or else you will see a pop-up stating the following:

WARNING: "This status cannot be deleted as it is currently being used by one or more jobs. Please change the status of all jobs currently using this status then you can remove it."

Custom Status Undelete

To undelete a Custom Status, select the status in the drop-down box and click the Undelete button.

List View Custom Status

    Jobs > List Manager

In order for the new custom statuses to show in any list view then all items in the status box should not be selected. If any of the options in the status box are selected the user can unselect by holding down the ctrl key and clicking that record.

If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket.