Getting good placement of the form fields on your master PDF

1) Upload the PDF with the variable AND static information in Acrobat; draw the form fields exactly where you want them to be. Upload the PDF into eDocBuilder Creator and set the rules for each of your fields. Test the template and make sure the placement is exactly the way you want. Next, open the PDF again in Acrobat and use the "replace" pages command to switch out the current PDF with another PDF that has only the static areas (all variable fields are removed). By doing this, the form fields will remain in the exact position you wanted. Upload the new master PDF into eDocBuilder and as long as you didn't change the names of any of the form fields, all the formatting will be done. 

2) You can make a note in your design program of the x/y coordinates and the field size and Acrobat has a way that lets you see this in your PDF document so you can place it exactly where it needs to go. This is done by using the "Cursor Coordinates" option under the View menu. You may also want to turn on your rules in that same menu to help with the placement. 

3) Place the form fields anywhere you want on the PDF... any size you want. Make note of the x/y coordinates. Use the field's Positioning tab in Field Setup. In the Positioning tab, you can make adjustments to where the field is placed on the PDF. This works well for both tweaking the position or making a big change. 

You would check "Override Positioning from PDF" and then enter measurements. The "Left" and "Bottom" options refer to the coordinates of the field's bottom left corner and are measured from the bottom left corner of the master PDF. "Width" and "Height" refer to the dimensions of the field. For all four options, the original measurement is listed in parentheses for easy reference.