Can we set a font to be small caps in the "formatting" area?

You cannot set a field to use small caps in the formatting area of the field.  However, you can use field scripting to set a field to be small caps. It can be set in both an HTML and a VB script.

HTML Usage
<smallcaps fontsize="17">FieldName</smallcaps>

VB Usage
smallcaps(FieldName, 17)

The fontsize specifies how large the small caps will be. The true capital letters, therefore, need to have their size set outside of this function, either in the field format tab, or in other field scripting.
In some cases, you may wish to have digits still be the size of the true capital letters, instead of the size of the smallcaps. To set this up, you must use VB script. Your VB script would be something like this:
smallcaps(replaceRegex(FieldName, "([(0-9)0-9-]+)", "<font fontsize='20'>$1</font>"),17)
In the script above, the smallcaps size is set to 17, but all digits 0-9 will appear in 20pt font.
Note: Do not copy and paste any of these scripts directly from your web browser into eDocBuilder, as the formatting used to display them in your browser will also be copied and will make your script work incorrectly. Please first paste the script into a plain text editor (such as Notepad). Then copy the script from the plain text editor and paste it into the Field Scripting tab of your field in eDocBuilder.