How do I use a custom bullet character in an ordered list within an eDocBuilder html field script?

HTML script example for eDocBuilder scripted fields that shows the use of a custom character as the bullet in an ordered list, and also demonstrates how to control the linespacing between the bullet items.
It is possible to achieve an ordered list with custom bullet characters, such as in the case where an open checkbox is used.

The trick is how the list item tag attributes are formatted in the code, and having a font you can use that has the character that you want as the bullet point.

In the HTML script, the name of the font that is available in the template assets is used, and then whatever character is needed for displaying the character you want in the font.
In the example code below the pound sign character gives the open checkbox character in the WingDings2 font.
{{<ul><li type="none"><font face="Wingdings2">£</font> @inputField@</li></ul>}}<stylerun linespacing='-11'></stylerun>
The example references a font that has been uploaded to the template, the name of the font referenced in the script, is as it is shown on the fonts listing.

Please note that it is not possible to control the indentation of the paragraphs following the bullet points. Hanging indents are not currently supported with this functionality.