• Integration - HP PrintOS Box via Embedded Services

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The HP Box functions like Dropbox, where Pressero will create a folder on the user account, with all the order files (production and uploads), this will then allow the user to send the files to the desired on the HP Application Suit.


















Embedded Services
The first step to create the Embedded Services, for this access the Embedded Services Menu Item and then click on the Add new account:


In the configuration UI, you must set the Service Name, select the Provider (HP Box), the site admin user that will handle the integration, the HP Access Key, Secret and select the server to use.



After setting the Embedded Service configuration click on the save button. With the Embedded Service created is now time to activate the integration on the desired site. You can use the same embedded service on different sites, but you must activate the integration manually for each site you want to use it.


Site Settings

On the site settings, go to the tab Embedded Services and then activate the integration:


The first option: Is Live indicates that the integration is Ready for Production, the second Enabled, indicates that the integration is active. You can have an integration with just the Enabled option set to true, this allows the user to set all the necessary configuration before putting it into production.
After checking both items, click on the save button and now you’ll have the option to synchronize the Orders with HP.


Pushing Order
So, when the user places an order on Pressero and everything is ok, that means:
  1. Order is Paid (or is open terms)

  2. All items are approved

  3. No Items are denied

  4. No items are marked as Cancelled

  5. All eDoc files are OK 

The order will then be pushed to HP Site Box server and the user will be able to see the integration details on the Order Item details page, Embedded Service Tab.