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Live Palette Editor Helps Take the Guess Work Out of Customizing Your Skins

Have you ever felt that it was hard to figure out which color palette selection goes with which elements on your live site? If you have, you are not alone… there are so many areas that allow you to change the colors in your skins.

The Palette Editor was designed to take the guesswork out of the process and save you time. To test out this feature go to Admin > Sites > [Select Site] > Skins > Live Palette Editor button.

Live Palette Editor Window

After clicking the "Live Palette Editor" button a new window will open in your browser. See the following image.

Here your site is shown on the right, and the full list of possible color adjustments shows on the left. Simply hover over any of these color selections to see what element on the site the color will adjust. You can navigate throughout your site while you adjust its color and see how the color changes will affect your site when saved.

Note: Some colors only affect elements that exist on certain pages. If you hover over a color selection and do not see it blinking on you current page try scrolling or navigating to other pages to see what the selection affects.

In the above example we are hovering over the "Body Background" selection. And the corresponding element on the site will blink.

Color Palette

Clicking on a color selection will open its color palette. With this advanced color palette any color possible is quickly available.

  • A: The title area showing which palette selection is being edited.
  • B: Color gradient area, use the sliders to change the hue. Then click the gradient to choose.
  • C: Enter in a hex value or RGBA value for your color.
  • D: Current Palette: This shows all the colors chosen for the current sites palette. This makes it easy to repeat colors already chosen for the site.
  • E: A list of basic colors that can be chosen.
  • F: A list of all web safe colors that can be chosen.
  • G: Click the undo button to revert any choices back to the original color.

Saving Site Colors

Once the color adjustments are ready to be saved the "Save to Live Site" button on the bottom left can be clicked. The palette editor browser tab will close, and you will be navigated back to Pressero admin skins page. Here an alert will ask if you want to save the site skin options.

If the Pressero admin tab is closed or if the user navigates away from the skins page in Pressero admin the save process will fail. While editing your site with the Live Palette Editor the Pressero admin page must stay open and on the skins page.