Pole pocket (dual side)

Version: 11
Date: 05/09/2022
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Template file: NA
Sample files: 
Fold-over double-sided Banner
  • 1 page PDF artwork or a 2 paged PDF arwork



Variable name Description Type Default Range
tfall_create_cut_marks Add cut marks? Boolean 0
  • 0
  • 1
tfall_job_name Job name String %job.name%  
tffin_bleed_allsides Bleed size (at full scale) String 1.0  
tffin_white_allsides White space (for sewing, hems and webbing) String 1.0  

Trim size:....................... various
Production file:
Place art and step up art 2 times
Rotate center art 180 degrees
Place job ID on the bottom of the document (optional)
Add fold marks 1pt and ½” wide, where the images butt together
Shift art board up the same size as the pole pocket (4” pole pocket = 4 inch shift)
Check if font is not embedded
Set black to overprint and white text and vector to knockout