Using PrintJobManager Support & Professional Services

Using PrintJobManager Support and Professional Services

Basic Support Guidelines

  • Support for up to two people from your organization is included with your subscription. Please share this information with them. 
  • Training participation for PrintJobManager is required for all users requesting support. The training sessions are also open to any other employees that wish to attend. You may request paid one-on-one training for all areas of the system. To request training please create a support ticket under the professional services area. 
  • Support hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time (Chicago), Monday through Friday. 
The Support Portal
The best way to reach us is by submitting a new support ticket through our support portal: Submit a new ticket for each new question. Please do not respond to an old ticket that has been closed to ask a new question, this opens the old item back up and will not only cause confusion but will almost always add a delay to our response time. 

Phone Calls to Support
A phone message may be left by calling 800-571-2138 x 704. Support items received by phone or through the support portal are taken in the order that they are received in the queue. Please rest assured that your voice mail message will be reviewed quickly and prioritized if necessary. 

Emailing Support vs. submitting through the Support Portal
Emails directly to our support email account should no longer be used. If you have not done so already, create an account at and submit support requests there by opening a new ticket. The benefits of this change are for you, and will keep the support system running as efficiently as possible. Some of those benefits are: 
  • The ticket you complete will make sure that we capture needed information the first time. We spend a lot of time asking for more information... often it's the simplest of details, like which order or which product engine.
  • Entering a ticket will automatically search the Knowledge Base. We have filled the KB with questions and answers and when you type in your question you will see that the system is searching on possible answers for you. Many support questions could have been answered by searching the KB (we use it ourselves many times a day). 
  • We receive a lot of "impulse" support tickets... having a more formal process will weed some of this out and ultimately allow us to respond to requests more quickly AND keep our prices down.
  • You can run a report to see all your past support tickets. 
  • You can check the status of your tickets. 
  • The Portal has many additional helpful features such as documentation, training videos, news items (if we are having system problems, if we have a scheduled update coming up, they will be added to the news area), as well as the Knowledge Base articles. 
The image below shows the support portal. From here you can Register for an account so you can see tickets that have been submitted previously. You can also simply click on the link for "Submit a Ticket" if you do not want to create an account but still require help from our support team. 

Response Time and Procedure
Our goal is always to respond within 4-6 business hours. While it may seem to take a long time to get a response, the average time over the last 6 months is approximately 1.5 hours. Difficult situations, or questions that require input from our programming staff will take longer. Please note that on a Monday, or a day following a holiday where our office is closed, there may be a longer response time. 

Urgent Issues
An urgent issue can be subjective based on the unique set of circumstances you may be experiencing, but for most cases an urgent issue is any situation that the user can not place an order or you can’t produce the job. If this is the case with your issue, you can mark the ticket as urgent. We have staff that will be notified during non-working hours when a ticket is submitted that is urgent. So that this policy can work well and stay in place, please be sure to only use it when an issue is preventing your customer from ordering, or keeping you from being able to fulfill an order. 

“How To” And Other Questions 
We encourage all questions on how to use the system to first be searched on the support site ( before submitting a ticket. The Knowledge Base and Documentation have most of the common questions posted for an immediate answer to your question. 

Bugs and Errors
If you are experiencing an error or feel you have found a bug in the system submit a ticket with all the necessary information we would need to reproduce or see exactly what is happening in your site. This may require that we have:
  1. The administrative username and password 
  2. Specific details of the steps we need to follow to generate the error, or see where you are having difficulty
  3. Screenshots or video capture. An excellent free tool we use is Jing. You can download it here:

Feature Requests
We believe that the success of or products is due to the great ideas our customers have shared with us over the years. If you have a feature request that you would like to share please submit it through our ticket system.


When is it support and when is it Professional Services?

There are a few areas of the system that depending on your particular needs, could require a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the system. The support team is available to review work you have done yourself and offer advice in an area where you might be getting stuck. 

Professional Services would be any situation that requires us doing the work, giving technical advice (scripting, programming, etc.), restoring a setting because of user changes, or when a series of questions either written or phoned in that could be considered training, that go over 15 minutes. This rule is in place to ensure that the support team is able to answer all customers questions in a timely manner. This applies to all areas of the PrintJobManager system, but some common areas that we encounter this most often are:
  • Import Organizations
  • Production Resource setup 
  • Production Processes setup
  • Product Engines
  • Integrating with Pressero
Here is an example:
You’ve been working in the system but you are not getting the results you needed, or expected. We will review the work and give you a suggestion of what we think you should try on your own. If this will take more than 15 minutes because it is very complicated, or we needed to involve the programming staff for help, or you want us to fix or do the work for you, we will let you know there will be a fee to continue.

See Professional Services Rates below. We will never charge without telling you first that there will be charges to proceed. In all situations, if we determine that there is a bug in the system that was causing your problem we will not charge. 

When you may see a fee for Support

  • Creating Custom Forms, such as Job Tickets, Delivery Tickets, Estimates, etc. 
  • Create Custom Reports

Professional Services Rates

The cost for Professional Services depends on the department that needs to help you. If our Level 1 support team can do the work, it will be $125/hour. If the item requires the help from one of our programmers, it will be $175/hour. A half hour minimum rate will apply. We will never charge without telling you first that there will be charges to proceed. 

Other Support Services available to our customers: 
If you are not already, you will want to sign up for our Blog. We use this area to update you on new features, helpful tips and tricks of using the system, upcoming events, training sessions, webinars, etc.