Pressero Release Notes for Subscribers with a Custom Skin

When we make skin changes they are only to the default skins. That doesn't mean that none of the changes are applied to your custom skin because even custom skins have some default files that get updated. Custom skins, for the most part, are separate from any Skin updates and it is up to the subscribers to update their skin files to latest or to contact us for help. 
If we control your custom skin (we did the skinning work) then you can either make the changes yourself or you can contact support to set up a time to have us update your skin free of charge. If you are using the DIY skinning option then any updates you ask us to do rather than do yourself will be charged at the normal professional services rate. 
Release Notes (starting with the newest updates)
9-20-17 v6.3.7.0
This release saw the addition of the Product Image Gallery. In order for customers with custom skins to take advantage of this new feature, updates to your skins is required. Select here for full details.
6-14-2017 v6.3.0.0
The following four skins need an update to their "fullproductdescription" tag inside of the productdetail.txt layout files.

Basically this tag now has a prefix and suffix argument which allows for these skins to include heading and wrapping elements inside of the tag itself. In turn, when there is no data for the tag the prefix and suffix will not show. 

  • * Small CSS changes to clean and clear skin to fix new box model issues.
  • CSS edits to summary and complete pages for new image generation alerts and indicators.
    • Custom skin changes may be necessary here if you have previously adjust CSS for the Summary or Complete pages.
  • All standard skin layout.css files are now minified and the uncompressed version of this file will reside in the src folder.
    • Custom skin owners will now have to compare changes between their layout.css file and the default skins layout.uncompress.css file within the src folder.
  • Multiple fixes for clean and clear skin due to box model changes
  • Basic UI clean up of all standard skins forms.
*Box models have changed on all standard skins. Custom skin developers will need to check their layout. As a rule of thumb, if there is a pixel width set on a container any left and right padding should be included within that width. This only effects non responsive skins.
4-12-17 v6.2.7.0.
  • User Story #21327: Duplicate an order in the shopping cart
    • Custom skin owners may have an issue with the duplicate button not showing correctly if the base skin is one of the following skins; Bootstrap Basic, Bootstrap Basic (no sidebar), Cerulean, Readable and Super Hero.