Certain strange Pressero problems that Aleyant support cannot duplicate

You are experiencing one of these problems:
  • The SSL certificate recently requested is not loading
  • My site appears to be running under the wrong version of Pressero
  • Features from the current version of Pressero are not working
  • Aleyant support reports that they cannot reproduce your problem at all, on any computer
  • Your problem cannot be reproduced when browsing your site from a mobile device, or from a computer at your house; only from computers at work
Why this might be happening:
Your work environment might be using a corporate DNS server and that server's definition for your site may be out of date. 
How can I check this?
Execute the command
    nslookup mysite.com 
in a command window. Compare it to what is displayed on the public DNS by going to the page
(Replace mysite.com with your actual Pressero site domain). 
If these values are not identical then your corporate DNS server is not using the most recent values.
For example, as of this writing and for sites on the Chicago Pressero servers running the most recent version of Pressero, the value should always be or But your local DNS might read (if you have had your site for several years) or some other value. 
This means that when browsers in your work environment try to connect to your site, they get the wrong IP address, connect to the wrong server, and use the wrong version of Pressero and the wrong SSL certificate. The most recent versions of Pressero and the most recent SSL certificates are only available at the addresses or (in the Chicago environment). 
What should I do?
Contact your IT department and get them to correct the corporate DNS server. Aleyant cannot make this change for you as it only applies to your work environment.