Can I customize the color scheme or layout of the eDocBuilder template window my customers see?

Can I change the color scheme of the window my customers use when using an eDocBuilder template?
Yes, under most circumstances.
Depending on the type of e-commerce system and template type, you can either provide a link to an external CSS style-sheet, or you can add CSS to your custom skin.
  • If using Pressero with a Custom Skin*:
    Standard Forms Client You can add CSS to the layout.css file in your custom skin. In most cases, the standard CSS will still be applied, but you can add additional styles to override and change the look.
    Note: with Pressero v5, CSS in any style-sheet in your custom skin will be applied.
    With Pressero V6, only CSS in the layout.css file of your custom skin with be applied.
    Interactive Designer Unfortunately, not possible at this time.

    *A Custom Skin is required to change the look of the designer when using the Pressero integration.

  • For other e-commerce applications (iFrame integration), you can provide a link to an external CSS style-sheet that you provide.
    Standard Forms Client Provide link via 'cssUrl' query string parameter
    Interactive Designer Provide link via 'altCss' query string parameter

    For more information on how to use this feature, please see:, Interactive Designer CSS Files.

Can I change the layout of the window my customers use when using an eDocBuilder template?
Yes, for form-based templates only, if:

  • You are using a custom skin with Pressero, or
  • Have integrated eDocBuilder into another e-commerce system

Changing the layout of the HTML5-based Interactive Designer windows is not supported.

See programmer details at particularly the Layout section.