tFLOW requirements for self hosted

tFlow requirements
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012 (64bit)
  • PROCESSOR - Intel server processor (Xeon E3 or I7) or better
  • RAM min 8GB
  • Primary HD:  min 1TB***
  • Secondary HD: not mandatory but highly recommended to make backups on a separate physical drive (same size as primary)
  • no special requirements for video card
  • ***: depending on the workload, this space is enough space to host around 6000 jobs with PDF average size of 4MB each
  • Avoid to use data compression, data deduplicaiton and be careful installing Antivirus or software firewalls, they all could decrease the server performances.
Remote access : installation and support
  • Remote Desktop Connection with Admin privileges
  • network card (ipv4) with static IP address, 1 GB lan
  • latest Firefox installed

To access from outside the LAN we need to open firewall port (if present), default port is:
  • Port 80
    (can be set to different port)
tFlow Approval can be installed on Virtual servers.