PM.043 - Time Tracking - Status

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In this document we will cover changing status of an order and a job as well as tracking the time spent on an order or a Job.
Order and Job status updates include the production processes used in the product engine, as well as (4) default status settings, Production, Billing, Completed and Canceled.
There are (3) ways to change the Status of an Order/Job and (2) ways to post Time Tracking..
1 - From the List Estimates/Jobs View.
  • In the list view select the dropdown in the status column and select the new status for that Job.
2 - By using Status and Time Tracking from the Main Menu.
  1. Select Jobs
  2. Select status and time tracking
  3. Enter the order or job number that you would like to change the status on.
  4. Select submit
  5. Use the drop-down in the status field and select the current status of the order/job
  6. Use the comment field to add information pertaining to the change in status.
  7. Select the change status button to complete.