List Views Create/Edit/Delete Views

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In this document we will cover creating/editing/deleting Estimate/Jobs List views
Estimates and Jobs List Manager (Jobs (1) > List Manager (2))
3. List Configurations: Select the drop down arrow to view existing list views, if you want to create a new list view select the green New button.
4. List Configuration Drop Down: Select the existing list view you would like to edit.
5. Name: Name given to current list view.
6. Remaining Columns: Items that can be used in a list view. By selecting item and hitting yellow arrow it will move to Used column thus activating it in that list view.
7. Used Columns: Items that are being used in the list view. By selecting the item and using the up and down arrows you can change the order. If you want to put an item back to the remaining columns (not active in list view) just select item and hit yellow arrow.
8. Tab Options: Select Tabs for top of list view, select item from drop down. Once tab option is selected choose an initial tab from drop down.
9. Shared: Option to share list with other users.
10. Status: Select type or types of statuses you want available. Highlight each item needed.
11. Facilities: Select facility or facilities needed.
12. Sort Colunms: Set various sort orders of columns from drop down
13. Group Columns: Set various column groups from drop down
14. Save: If you make any changes hit the save button to save your changes.
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support